The Evening Watch

A nearly cloudless night. Crisp air flowed freely across my body. The beautiful light of the celestial bodies shown blissfully upon my pale complexion. All seemed perfect with the world as I continued on with my evening stroll…although a tinge of discomfort shot through my back. A group of teenagers were carrying on quite boisterously down the street next to my patch of sidewalk. This is not what disturbed me. (For viewing mirth of all kinds warms my soul.) Another group of two people dressed in what appeared to be ceremonial garb seemed to spontaneously generate from behind me, showing no happiness at all. They seemed to mumble in an undistinguishable tongue amongst each other. I thought they were talking to me, so of course being polite, I turned briefly to face them and gave a short greeting.
Complete ignorance of my existence. My feeling of insecurity rapidly heightened, in turn quickening my pace and returning home.
A few paces later I turned to find no trace of the mysterious duo at all.

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