From the Deep

A discordant wailing sound filled the air as the priests began to play a gigantic set of pipes that looked as ancient as the rocks themselves, weaving a melody over the constant tattoo of the drum beats that drowned out the girl’s incoherent pleading atop the dais.

The melody swelled with the ocean then and the girl stiffened suddenly, her cries ceasing as she began to sway back and forth with the ebb and flow of the notes. Her eyes rolled up into her head as the movements of her limbs became larger, wilder, more animalistic. The ocean itself seemed to react, rushing faster and higher. Excitement grew as her movements became more frenzied, less human. Another beat began to echo the raucous melodies. Faint at first, as though coming from a place beneath the rushing waves in the inky darkness. Louder and louder it grew, changing the pattern of the unholy music.

Something was rising out of the sea, long tentacles stretching up and slapping down on the water, mirroring the movements of the girl.


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