Terry and Harry

“Oh man oh man oh man,” Terry thought to herself between the pounding of Harry’s foot on the door, “I wish my sister was here! She’d sort this out right quick!”

Realizing the futility of the situation, Terry stopped fretting in silence so she could begin to pace and think out loud.

“Or at least Gary would rescue her. Or someone. Someone always saves her when she’s in a tight spot! Why not me?”

At this outburst, Harry finally took offense. Giving the door one more kick for good measure, he turned to say, “Hey! I’m trying over here! I know you’re pissed Mister Hero ignores you, and I know I’m nowhere near as perfect as my brother, but at least I’m trying!”

“Mary never has to try! I can’t stand it! Even with all her personal issues and the death of our parents hanging over her, she always gets out of these jams!”

“Well,” replied Harry, “at least we have each other.”

Three days later the bodies of Harry Stu and Terry Sue were identified in a gas station restroom. The door was locked from the inside.

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