I Await.

“This stuff doesn’t work, Ella,” Jordan laughed, if a little nervously, “Besides, how did a Psych-Major student like you ever get into Ouija Boards?”
Ella chuckled; it was a sweet sound, “Oh I don’t know,” she pulled the box from underneath her bed, and set the board on a low table, “A friend showed me one a few years back, and I just had to have one. Come on,” her red curls bobbed as she shook excitedly, “Sit down. Put your finger here,” she placed Jordan’s finger on the pointer as he sat across from her.
He shrugged, “It’s all bullshit right?”
“Right! Now..” Ella closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Jordan sat idle; lost. “Close your eyes and concentrate,” Ella instructed.
Jordan did.
“Now,” Ella said, “Are there any spirits that would like to talk to us? We are open to you, now. Come talk to us.”
The piece moved.
“Jesus,” Jordan said.
Ella’s sweet giggle turned into a blood-curdling scream of horror as her fingers tore into Jordan’s throat.
A deep voice came from Ella’s bloody lips,

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