Almost There, but Late

“We may not get to you till noon Thomas,” I tell him over the phone. “We got caught in a massive storm.”

“Stupid storm,” Maddy says from the back seat.

“O ok, that’s fine. I’m just happy we get to do this. So how is my baby driving? She isn’t too tired?” Thomas says through the phone.

“Thomas wants to know if your tired sis.”

“Yes… but I’ll live,” she says with a smile. You can tell what she is thinking about.

“She said she will live. She is smiling a lot so you can totally tell she is running on her excitement that she will see you soon,” I say with a laugh.

Maddy laughs too, “hahaha that’s too cute and so true”

“Aww, haha” I hear Thomas say over the phone.

“Sam!” Amber squeals. Her arm hits my arm.

“Hey! Keep both hands on the steering wheel” I say and laugh

“My mom said you guys can stay for lunch and rest up a bit” Thomas says in excitement.

“Awesome! Can’t wait! See you soon Thomas” I say with a grin

“Ok, tell Amber I love her” and simultaneously I hear, “tell Thomas I love him.”

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