The gates to the cathedral were framed with rough cut stone formed in an impressive arch. Perched above, an enormous stone gargoyle stood watch like it had for a century. Tonight, like most nights lately, its thoughts were filled with the myriad of secrets it now bore as the protector.
Its duty as protector was served well by keeping those secrets locked away. Crawling in its consciousness were the darkest secrets of those who passed through the cathedral. In a near eternity of existence, it had bore secrets that plumbed the depths of human depravity. But in this modern world, the race of his masters had become even more perverse in serving its own desires. The chorus had become overwhelming.
When the threshold had been reached, the protector would become the adjudicator. A cleansing was nigh.
The iron gates rattled under a deluge of crumbling stone. Above, the perch on the archway was empty. On the highest steeple, a dark figure cut a pitch black silhouette agaisnt the night sky.

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