Loop Back

Though viewing a loopback was familiar, the experience was still a little unsettling. My immediate field of vision shifted to the periphery as the lecture that had taken place hours ago replayed from my perspective as though I was still standing in Stomen Hall.
The material was just as boring the second time around, I was tuning out the droning technical details of nanostorage and the minutae involved in the recording and playback of biosignals that made loopbacks possible.
My thoughts drifted to Anna. What would she think about how far we’d come since those all nighters in the University lab. She always had those bright eyes, and her smell, was just, gorgeous.
I cut the lecture short and cued up a loopback of one of the first times we met. I was anticipating seeing that beautiful smile. After just a few seconds I paused it. Something didn’t seem right. The loopback didnt match the memory. Before it went any farther I deleted the entire nanostorage. Then I closed my eyes and enjoyed the memory of her.

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