Plug Nickels and Rusty Dimes.

American politics; now there’s a can o’ worms..or is it whuppass? I forget. I’m mostly gonna ramble but the odd salient point might slip in when I’m not looking.

In the red corner we have the GOP , apparently these guys are bible bashing, gun lovin’ ctrl freaks . Their closets are so ram packed full of racist sentiment and brown envelopes there ain’t no room left for their sorry white hypocritical asses, which could explain why you so often find them lurking in the restrictive confines of public conveniences.

Aaaand in the blue corner we have the Democrats, who, in a rather neat inversion of the republican mindset, would appear to bash the bible, hate guns and want to make that cheesy 70s coke ad reality. For them a closet is somewhere you secrete semen stained dresses for future reference and brown envelopes are verbotten coz sensitivity training dictates that no dead crackah president should ever use a brother to keep hisself clean..or some such codswallop.

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