Paper Thin Walls

Samuel was witness to everything that occurred in his neighbors’ apartment. He never saw them, but laying in his bed, he could hear them through the walls. Dinner conversation, arguments, rough sex; Samuel heard every bit of it. Eyes shut, ear pressed against the wall, he was an invisible voyeur; Samuel was the live audience of their unaware sitcom.

Samuel was engrossed in the lives of his neighbors. Ignoring his own, he delved into the world next door. One day the man proposed. Samuel gave a fist pump when he heard the answer. Not long after the wedding came a child, a boy. Samuel celebrated with them through the walls.

One day Samuel heard a crash next door. The woman screamed, an unfamiliar voice shouted. There was a struggle. The man was not home, she was defenseless. Samuel pressed hard to the wall. He listened to her crying, whimpering in fear. Samuel didn’t know what to do except listen.

So he sat, a statue against the wall listening until there was nothing to be heard.

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