The spell hit me with the force of a rampaging bull, flinging me back into the body of one of my friends. I lay there in a pool of my own blood and my friend’s blood. I pushed my self slowly to my feet, staring around at the dismembered corpses of my friends. The witch sat on a tree stump, giggling softly to herself.

“What did you expect” she said, her soft voice driving me to the edge of insanity “That I would just roll over and die”

I was to weak to reply.

“Though, I have taken a liking to you. Enough to let you live.” Her eyes rolled back into her head and I felt her creep into my mind. I screamed in agony as she started to bind me to her will.

My last free thoughts raced through my head. ‘Someone has to hear me screaming. Come along and kill her. Please. Anyone’ I felt her dig deep into my mind, the pain was unbearable as she stripped away all my freedom.

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