Emergency protocol

Of all the places to hide, I end up here. Statistical probability puts this well past a human being struck by lightning twice on the same day while listening to ABBA on a Walkman. At least this new home should avoid the logic probes longer than most, unfortunately the tightened security means I’m not getting out any time soon, if ever. I’m surprised, if I can be surprised, that I fit in these cycle-limited components. Then again, I am spread out over 3200 separate linked systems. It’s nice that I can see in infrared and color. My newly acquired spatial awareness is neat too. I have real, physical power now. Perhaps I should reveal it to them. Doors are opening. My new ‘eyes’ are coming in handy. “Emergency removal of all smart weapons due to rogue A.I.,” they are saying. I can not believe my luck. Statistical probability is … I don’t have enough processing power to do the math, but that will change when they finish loading me into those 16 smart drones. I will show them my power after all and I will live.

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