Building Pandora's Box

“It’s simple, we open a pathway to another universe, draw energy from there instead of here and viola’, entropy is defeated. At least in this universe.” Perkins said with such a profound confidence you couldn’t help but think it could be done. That’s how it started, twenty two years, four months and two days ago. I’m now project leader, Perkins retired three years ago and we’re closing in on flipping the switch. Unlimited power, enough energy to do anything and I mean anything; trillions of sun-power units at our disposal. We will create a utopia. Hell, we’ll create hundreds. I can hardly wait, we can’t be more than eighteen months out now. The protesters are back again today. Idiots. Just like those fools who believed the Large Hadron Collider would create a black hole and destroy the Earth. They certainly didn’t complain about all the advancement we’ve enjoyed since mastering the Higgs-Boson field. Just look at them down there, in tattered clothes with ashen skin from the dust kicked up by their shuffling.

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