Truth Behind the Moon Landing

Minutes before broadcast. Derek knew he had made a fool out of himself.

The landing of Apollo 11 hadn’t been staged, it was all too real! Derek had spent years of his life to uncovering every bit of information he could, and now that the truth could be told, no one believed him.

Sitting by his window and turning the dial he lets out a sigh. Crackles and Pops were soon interrupted by the smooth voice of DJ UF O Malley.

“Folks, today we got us a real work of art! World Class Moon Truth-er, Derek Cook was with us a few hours ago spilling the beans of the Moon Landing bag, and here’s what he said:”

O Malley played the clip for his audience and Derek felt a shiver in his spine.

“Can you believe that folks? The moon’s indigenous population is werewolves, and THAT is the real reason we will never go back. I tell ya, sometimes I feel the loonies are gettin worse by the second.”

The shiver in his spine was accompanied by a sob. As the full moon shone on his neck, the silver hairs began to sprout.

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