Limelight: Fillian

Fillian lay on the ground between two trees. His hands slowly clenched and unclenched grabbing pieces of grass each time. His breathing came in short gasps and his head pounded like it was being hit in with a frying pan. Fillian stood up slowly, grabbing at tree branches for support. Slowly, he forced his eyes open.

He stared out into a black forest. Dark gray light filtered down from the impenetrable cover of leaves and branches that made up the forest roof. Just ahead of him was a small clearing. Fillian stumbled towards it. As he entered the clearing, he saw a large circle of light slowly passing through the trees.

As he walked towards it he heard a long, low, sickening cracking sound behind him. He turned around slowly, dreading what he might find. Hanging from a branch was a young women, her neck in a noose. Her cold, dead eyes were fixed on him.

“Well, well” she said in a low hissing voice, a small forked tongue playing over the skin around her mouth, “What do we have here”. Fillian’s heart fell.

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