Curious Feeling

The floor was growing colder against my back as my life drained away from my stomach. The creature stood above me, a slim silhouette slightly bent to look at me. It seemed to dangle down from the darkness. I didn’t see where claws could have come from.

Its face was covered by a white human mask that held no indication of gender or emotion. The eyes were pitch black and had the glint of a dark lake in a deep cave. Black tendrils coming from the back of its head reached in all directions and seemed to dance in a current of shadows. It wore a long and filthy trench coat that was probably taken from another victim, and though the front was wide open, the jacket seemed to hide all horrors underneath it.

It was not human. It was a sick impression.

When it spoke, it spoke is a dull voice… no… two voices overlapping each other; voices that were calm and cruel, and they were pulling me into the dark trenches of a deep ocean.

“What a curious feeling
it must be
To die so

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