A Treatise on Doing Anything

Put your balls on ice for a second. There’s no skirting about, it’s time to take inventory.

Don’t think for one second self aggrandizing and self hate are two sides to the coin of success. People with measured success love themselves, and have a vested interest in stroking their ego. You got to if you want that Arab Money.

Ever read about how much Bill Gates fucking hates himself? No? I wonder why that is. Let’s say he hates himself, and he secretly has Judeo-Christian principles that leads his life into the path of guilt and philanthropy. Well, guy had sense enough to get on some self delusion and think about a greater end he’d be working towards.

Life’s challenges are what you react to. Life’s achievements are things you actively search out, which in turn again become challenges.

The meat of achieving something is reconciling why you’re doing it, and the act itself.

Are you in it for the money, or are you doing it to do it? I prefer this gross oversimplification to “I LOVE MY WORK, BUT IT’S WORK.”

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