Altered Heading

Like a subterranean sea creature, we edged towards the light. The properties of this jumpspace appeared to be similar to our own existential plane, but there was no point in risking repercussions from using high-radiation, high-intensity thrust.

The light did not intensify as we moved, but this was not too much of a worry. Previous experience in the varieties of jumpspace tended to cure one of preconceptions such as distance and/or depth.

The captain ordered forty percent thrust, the maximum we could go without the engines giving off their Kohlmann-Poinard signatures of gamma radiation. The overseer was calm, now, its multifaceted alien mind quietly tending to the needs of each engine. Starboard 2’s performance graph showed no indication of the injuries it had suffered and the missing port heatsink was no hindrance to the engines performing at full capacity.

As if something had snapped, the light suddenly expanded to encompass all of the electromagnetic spectrum.

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