Who would have dared dream, in the 1st years of the 21st century

Some rules which transcend party lines:

Both parties are seeking to implement [the wrong version] of the NWO.

It doesn’t matter who is POTUS, they are always hell bent on implementing martial law and becoming Dear Leader for life come election time.

Liquid refreshments are an insult.

Transit camps and train carriages replete with shackles are summat to do with the other guys.

We are not the party of BIG GOVERNMENT.

Acorn REALLY screwed up.

Some of you’se guys put way too much stead in TV

The Israel/green/oil/Bring Back ALF/etc-ad nauseum lobbyists have way too much influence/money/access to the seats of power.

Drugs are bad hmmmkay? Unless you’re a smirking chimp people would only attempt to emulate if they couldn’t lay hands on a Napoleon outfit and had run out of meds, or, if the Great Joe Public actually, really truly, honestly stick a needle in my eye believed that Slick Willie did not inhale smoke from those big fat monica lew…opps sorry, cannabis cigarettes; 24 sheet purple haze reefers.

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