Brain suds and not-so-clean things. # 1

I am not writing this for anyone to read this. If you do, okay. But it isn’t for you, it is just, well, here, to be out. Out of my brain engines. It may sound like nothing to you, but whatever i type, they’re just words for now. Present: There’s this terrible havoc of settling with your past. I think lately i’m in the middle of the violent mess. Like bipolar volcanoes, they seem most ready to both destroy, create, and lay dormant in my mind. I wonder if the uglier parts of our past are ever to be settled. I think some of us may forget so easily. And others, never at all. Maybe we are all born with special burden. Not like a Jesus thing, like a people thing. We all forge our own problems and are bound to learn their solutions or always have those problems. Maybe, some of us learn the same lesson over and over our entire life. Some of us don’t. After all, some of us are smarter than others. Some are sweeter. Others shy. Possibly, i’m the first kind and don’t even know it. Does a fool even know himself a fool?

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