Let's recap

“How did we get here again?”

“I’ve told you a million times already! We went back in time and prevented the collapse of the Library of Alexandria!”


“That made science turn out differently!”

“And what was the aim of that again?”

Matt sighed, “To allow us to prepare for and prevent global warming…”

Alistair continued, determined to make Matt accept responsibility, “And what happened?”

Matt sighed again, “Global Warming happened sooner and faster, so by the time Al Gore was born, five sixths of the world was covered by water…”

“And the time machine?”

“Out of batteries…”

“And what do you have to say for yourself?”

“Oh yeah?!? I’ll tell you what I have to say!!! I say, there’s no way you can’t be enjoying the fact that we’re on board a pirate ship in the twenty-first century and are about to jump to lightspeed to board an imperial frigate and attack them with swords!”

“Oh yeah, that is pretty cool…”




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