7. No way, Boss. Okay, I'll tell you...

Three weeks ago, three weeks.Had it really been that long?
“It can’t have been! I’d know!” Rez exclaims, more to herself than to Boss
“I’m serious Rez, we haven’t heard anything about you, we were getting worried.” Boss is stood in front of her, blocking the door “Remember last time” he’d said.
Now, as Rez thinks back, she notices the itching to get back to the halls that has plagued her ever since she left
“Yeah, I reckon. But I’m okay now, so can I get to work please?” Rez goes to move towards the door but Boss doesn’t move.
“Boss, please, could you move?” Rez asks, with a hint of uncertainty in her voice
“No Rez”
“Erm… right, why not?”
“You scared the shit out of me Rez, I can’t let you waltz off again”
“I’m only going into the hall, you can come and stand in there if you want to keep an eye on me”
He looks at her steadily, and she realises the only way out of the situation.
“No, Boss, not again, I just can’t, not you, please”
He doesn’t blink
“The father is outside, Boss, its Davey”

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