8. Locked Up

“No! No! No! Boss! No! Leave him alone! Davey, Dave, run! Rez cries, pounding on the office door. Useless. She slumps to the floor, sobbing.
Let me the hell out of here now, you little git!” She screams
No use. The sounds reach her from another world, screaming, crying, fists pounding. Shouting, lots of shouting
No-one can hear her over the commotion.
“How long is it going to take?” She wonders out loud
She scrambles to her feet to face the newcomer, knowing who it going to be before they even open the door.
“What have you done to him?” Shaking but refusing to show it
“He won’t bother you anymore Rez, you’re free now”
“No I’m not, he never bothered me, I love him..” She stops dead as Boss advances
“I never want you to EVER say that again, do you understand?”
“I LOVE HIM” she retorts
“NO! You love me!” He screams, flying at her
" Like hell I…Dont you dare… BOSS!" She shrieks.

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