9. For love...

Crying, slumped on the floor as she bleeds. She knows she has lost her child. Boss sits on the chair in the corner, watching her as she sobs in pain and fear and anger.
“H-H-How could you?” She stammers, forcing the words to move from her aching throat out into the open.
“What ever do you mean Rez?” Boss replies, his voice strangely soft
“My baby, my baby. You killed him!”
Boss gets up, comes over and kneels down next to her in the blood
“But, Rez, don’t you see, you can still have a baby, mine”
“Don’t be flamin’ stupid! Ma’am! Ma’am!” Rez staggers to her feet and kicks out at Boss, screaming in pain. It does the trick, taken by surprise, Boss is thrown backwards, Rez turns and lurches for the door, just as Ma’am rushes through. Rez collapses into her arms.
“Rez… OH MY GOD! What’s happened to you? Rez?” Ma’am exclaims as she sees the blood and tears coating Rez’s face
“Boss didn’t want me to have Davey’s baby, he wants me to have his”

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