Republic: One Mans Fate

Daryn lay on the alcove, his rifle pointed down towards the crowd. It was possibly the most powerful of its kind in the whole Republic, and just touching it gave him shivers.

But what got him most, this cold and windy day, was his mission. It was simple enough: Assassinate Senator Varon. Varon was the opposition, the man who was fuelling the war.

The War. The only thing Daryn knew. It consumed everything. Six systems had fallen to it. Stars had been destroyed in the midst of battles. It was getting out of hand and needed to end.

Which was why he was here. Kill Varon, he was told, and the war ends. But if he missed? Then things would get much worse.

He adjusted the sight and put on his goggles.

He cocked the rifle and looked into the sight. The laser was aimed at Varon’s forehead. He slowly squeezed the trigger, and as it was pulled back to fire, the very ground beneath them shook. His shot was off, and he hit Varon’s arm.

All hell broke loose that day.

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