Limelight: The Jack of Cards and Chance

Jack brooded on his throne of dices, the dice faces changing into random numbers every few seconds. The castle around resembled an elaborate card house. The cards whispered among each other bringing news from the farthest corners of Limelight. Letters flowed out of the cards, assembling in front of Jack and showing him the latest news in his world. Dice rolled across the castle floor deciding the course of action taken on each event.

Jack rubbed a clawed hand across his face. This had not been how he thought being ruler of Limelight would be. He felt tired all the time now, the weary s of Limelight’s problems getting to him. Now the witch the spiders called Serpent Tongue was causing distress among the shadows. ‘I need a successor’. A ripple of energy blasted out of the throne. The castle collapsed, the angered cards whirled about Jack shouting curses at him.

A giant crystal flew through the cards and reformed into a large screen in front of Jack. On the crystal screen there lay a young man. Jack smiled.

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