My perfect girls...

One tall dark beauty with the eyes of her father and one fair and sporty with long blonde locks like her mother, like me. My two girls. My two perfect girls. Separated by two years but inseparable in life.

The youngest followed the oldest to an Ivy League school. One would be a doctor and save the world and one would be a journalist and open eyes to real issues. Both with big dreams, big aspirations and the intelligence and motivation to accomplish anything. I had no doubt that they would make the world a better place.

Waiting that Christmas break for my perfect girls to come home. The stockings were hung, the presents nestled under the tree, a roast in the oven.

The door rang, an officer, words followed by screams followed by the end of my world. My perfect girls… gone? Impossible. A cruel, freak car accident. Impossible. A mother’s worst nightmare was now my reality.

My perfect girls, inseparable in life… and in death.

Don’t worry, my girls, mommy is coming.

I raised the pistol to my head…

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