Another day goes by

It had started off like any other day.
Wake up. Shower. Shave. Coffee. Kiss the wife goodbye. Drive to work.

I was going about my daily business, filing and correlating, calling and writing, when I noticed him standing at the window holding his mug. He was staring out at nothing, lost in his thoughts. Something was definitely going on with him. He always looked so put together but today he looked rough, unshaven, wrinkled shirt.

I was tempted to talk to him, find out what was going on, but we weren’t paid to make friends. We were paid to file, and to correlate, and to call, and to write.

I just stared and that’s when the guy who used to be in the military approached him and started talking to him. That military guy was weird. Not many people knew that he had a scar on his neck but I had seen it one day in the bathroom when he was fixing his tie.

I watched as the two men talked. I also saw the floor supervisor watching them. Yeah, I’m glad I didn’t get involved. Better just to mind my own business.

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