Unlucky for you

She patiently waited for his return upon a field of flowers, quietly nibbling on a carrot and watching the clouds roll by.
She noticed him coming towards her and took note of the extra hop in his step. She smiled. He was a good mate and she was happy. He worked hard to provide for her and their many children but through it all he was still the boy she fell in love with.
“Hello dear” he smiled at her.
Overcome with love and lust for him, she hopped on him and they gave into their still burning passion for each other.
And that is why they never heard the stranger’s approach.
In one swift swoop, the stranger picked her up, sliced off her feet with his shiny blade and thru her to the ground.
Her mate sat open mouthed staring at her bloody stumps as she took her last breath.
Not a moment later he was picked up by the stranger and met the same fate as his beloved.
He landed on the grass with a sickening ‘thump’ as the stranger walked away putting their bloodied feet into his bag.
“How unlucky’ was his last thought.

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