Hands stuffed deep in my jacket pockets, I stand waiting in an all too familiar alley. I just couldn’t keep myself away from this place, despite repeated warnings from the quacks that I’ve hired lately to look me over.

I realize there’s something wrong just a moment before the heads up display in my glasses blinks out, replaced by a flashing police banner ordering me to surrender.

“Freeze, riphead!”

Even as I raise my hands, I can’t help but to turn towards the voice shouting at me. So familiar, yet I know I’ve never heard it in my lifetime. As soon as my eyes meet those of the woman holding a shock gun on me, I realize exactly who she is.

“Becca?” The name slips from my lips before I can stop myself.

The gun in her hands trembles slightly, and I see a flicker of recognition in her eyes. Perhaps it was something in the tone of my voice, since I’m certain that she and I have never met before. Her lips part as she lowers her weapon, and a single word rings out in the alley.


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