Creek of Tears

It was harder than I thought
Getting across this Creek of Tears
I tried to swim across, but
The current spit me out
I tried to float across, but
Was met with a face full of water
I tried to jump across, but
Came up short and plunged in
Only to be washed up on the wrong shore
As I failed again, and again,
The loneliness struck me hard
Tears welled in my eyes
And I fed the Creek of Tears
Once back out on the wrong shore
I collapsed and cried some more
I felt lonely and afriad,
Lost and yearning,
Scared and so uncertain,
Everyone had left, moved on
Why couldn’t I find the way?
Then I began to notice,
The memory of you, was
Slipping through my fingers
I didn’t ache for you as often
I didn’t scream for you at night
So I sat up to think what this meant
And noticed the Creek of Tears
Had turned to a gently stream
Shallow enough for me to walk across
So I walked across the Creek of Tears
To meet the others on the far side
Looking back sometimes
To wish you were still by my side

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