Republic: A Captain's View

Supreme Commander Var’Dir Weiken, of the Destroyer class warship, Epoch, sat in his chair on the bridge and swivelled round to the main screen.

“Have they replied?” He asked the Specialist to his left.

“No, sir.”

Var’Dir gave a sigh and leant forward in his chair, opening on of the arm rests to reveal some buttons. He pushed on and the ships communications systems came to life.

“All hands, battle stations. Omega state in operation.”

The whole ship itself seemed to react. Everyone was instantly on the job and at their stations, preapring to strike. “Attack position Gamma,” Var’Dir said to the pilot in front of him.

The ship, a long hulled vessel capable of holding 6,000 people, opened its sides, revealing huge firing turrets.

“Sir!” Called the Navigator, Bree.

“What is it?”

“We’re detecting a Jump flux.”

“Where?” Var’Dir turned in his chair to face her.

“Behind us, 65 degree’s Port and below. Wait. There’s more!”

“How many?!”

“Sixteen, sir.”

“Shit. Spool the Jump coils!” He shouted.

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