The end of girls

Huddled together in the shadow of the cave, not even our breath making a sound, willing our hearts to stop beating. We needed quiet. We couldn’t let them find us. It would mean our end, or worse.
Hard boots came stumbling towards us.
“Here kitty, kitties.” a menacing voice slurred, echoing off the walls.
“Shit. They gotta be in here.” the larger of the two men added.
“Shut up. I can’t hear ’em with all your yelling.” was the drunken man’s retort, quieting his partner.
I looked at my little sister and realized that we had both stopped breathing. She was being so brave. I wanted to protect her, hide her, take her away to somewhere she could be safe. But I was helpless.
“We’ll wait all night, girlies.” he shouted and then they sat down, blocking our only exit path.
With all hope lost, a tear ran down my cheek.
She looked at me bewildered, it was the first time she had seen me cry.
She then looked at the two men and her face went blank, focused.
And that’s when the two men burst into flame.
And then she smiled.

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