Dry Eyes

Who I assumed was Venus stood in front of me haughtily. Her gray eyes shone brilliantly into my own dry ones.

“You’ve kept me waiting, Alice. It’s time,” her voice poured from her perfectly stained lips like liquid gold. I searched my thoughts for an inkling of what she meant by “It’s time”, but came up empty.

“Brok. Bring her.” Venus glided out of the room without another word, leaving this Brok man staring down at me expectantly as I gazed after that mysterious woman. I figured she was some sort of leader in this place that Scott had brought me.

“Scott? Bastard,” I growled quietly. Brok shuffled his feet uncertainly before dragging me to my feet. It felt odd to stand after such a long time on the floor. Our footsteps…My footsteps bounced off the white walls loudly.

Brok touched some secret button I hadn’t noticed and the door slid open before us. The hallway stretched endlessly in front of and to the left of us.

“We need to be quiet. Don’t want to wake them,” Brok said as I was picked up again.

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