The Goodbye That was Never Planned 2

I see the car pulling up the driveway. The usual blasting of alternative rock is nonexistent and he drives up unusually slow. I see myself waiting at the door. He waits in the car for an awkward amount of time then struts to the door. His facial expression is a frown as he walks to the front door but he fakes a smile when he notices me. I am too happy to see him to read into any of these clues. I throw my arms around him and kiss his lips. He shows hesitation in both and that’s when I finally notice. I look into his eyes, the same eyes that I get lost in. I see his frown, the frown from the same lips that said I will love you always and forever. When he says nothing, the reason why he has come to see me has become very clear. My arms slip from him lifelessly and I turn away.

I still hear his words banging in my head.

“Baby, I…” His voice is cracked. He always says baby when something is wrong. “maybe you better sit down.”

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