It's Alice

Who are you again?
My wife? (laughs)
That can’t be. I don’t recall ever getting married.
Though if I did, I can see why I might have chosen you.

Oh, it’s such a beautiful day outside.
Seems so new and fresh.
Maybe we should go for a walk,
and you can tell me all about this life we’ve had together.

All of these stories are original
no matter how often I’ve heard them.
You’re so kind to oblige this old man’s fancy.
How is it that you’ve not been married?

Oh, to me? Well, then I must be a lucky man!
I’ve enjoyed this time, so I must have enjoyed the rest.
I can’t help but feel that I’ve forgotten something…
Could you be so kind as to show me back home?

This meal is fantastic, thank you!
How could it be my favorite if I’ve never had it before?
No mind, kind miss. I thank you for your hospitality.
One last request before I go to rest…

Could you kindly remind me of your name?

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