More Than Nothing (part 6)

My muscles tightened to a cramp as I lifted my hand to my face. It felt slick to the touch, wet. Another droplet soon followed down the previous ones trail sliding down over my cheek and settling in the corner of my lips. When I opened my mouth in jagged breath the small drop fell in. I could feel it dissolve and spread over my dry tongue. It outraged the taste buds conveying a sharp tart taste that made my throat feel sticky and small.

Breathing was difficult I had never been in such pain before. There was no cause to feel pain in nothingness. Nothing to hurt you. But just the door, its not nothing, how could a single thing, a single feeling bring such pain. Finally I found the strength to open my eyes as the burning settled to that of red coals. I sat up and swallowed hard just managing to break up the salty rock at the back of my throat.

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