Goodbye on a breeze

I lay cuddled next to my mommy. She was warm and the night breeze was chilly on my delicate bones. I shivered. She moved and enveloped me closer into her protective wing.
That night I dreamed of how big the world was and all of the far aways lands I wanted to see someday.

I awoke the next morning to the hot sun beating down on me. Mommy was gone, like she is every morning, something about being early and catching worms.
I couldn’t stop thinking about the world. Was I ready for this? I knew I was. I wanted nothing more than to soar and feel the breeze on my face.
I stepped to the edge of my little nest, my home. I peered over the side. It was a long way down but I was not afraid. With a deep breath I jumped and opened my arms and then I was lifted up by the gentle morning breeze. I was flying.

I rushed home to see my little guy, the morning catch still wiggling in my mouth, but what I came home to was emptiness. He was gone. I knew I should be happy but instead my heart ached… He didn’t even say goodbye.

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