Chronicles Of Millie and Me Chapter 3

I awoke to be all alone with my body gone. I returned home unable to interact with any family members. So all I could do was observe them. Many years passed and one by one all my siblings left home. My parents passed away and I was completely alone for what seemed like decades.

Then in the late 1930’s the place I had called home was demolished to make way for some new Estate. For another decade I haunted bare land alone and miserable. Then finally a house was built over the site of where my old house used to be. Well at least I had a place to live in again I thought.

Twelve years later finally the first tenant came and rented the place in which I now resided in. The tenants only ever stayed at the most 5 years. Then the house was finally sold privately to a young couple. But soon after they left too. But then who was to move in after them would again change everything for me.

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