Chronicles Of Millie and Me Chapter 4

Cuthridge, Victoria, Australia
May 8th 1989

The day had finally arrived for the new owners to move into their new home. The family comprised of a mother, father and their 8 year old son named Demetri. A strange thing happened when I passed Demetri in the corridor he reacted as if he could sense I was there. He then looked up and down the hall to see and then just muttered to himself that it must have just been his family pet cat.

For the first time since my passing someone had finally noticed me. I decided I would introduce myself to Demetri but after about a month so that he could adjust to his new surroundings. That would give me enough time so I could gather up enough energy so Demetri would be able to see me. The days seemed to crawl by so annoyingly slow. I suppose that all comes with being a spirit with nothing much to do but observe other people and things. But then at last it was June the 10th. I decided today I would make my presence known to Demetri.
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