Chronicles Of Millie and Me Chapter 6

November 1989

“Demetri your cousins and Aunt are coming to visit today. Look at the state of this room. It’s a mess clean it up right now. "

“Aww, but Mum I got up to Jankens castle again in Alex the Kidd and I’ve almost beaten it this time. Can I please have a few more minutes mum?”

“No more excuses, you have work to do, so come on get off that chair and get to it”

“Arghhh, All right I’ll do it hmph. The room isn’t that bad. Cousins only end up breaking everything when they come over anyway. "

After Months of being Alone Millie just walks into Demetri’s room and expects him again to scream in her face but this time is different. Demetri stands up to go and get some lunch when he sees Millie Standing Solomn in front of him.

“You again, What do you want from me, Who are you?” Demetri manages to blurt out while is nerves are on edge and he is shaking in fear.

“My name is Millie I mean you no harm, I’m just a lonely spirit that used to live here a long time ago. Your name is Demetri isn’t it?”

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