Worth every penny

She slammed the door with a little more ‘oomph’ than was necessary. It didn’t matter, he thought, he had from her what he wanted anyway.
He stretched out on the rented motel bed, grinning like the kitten who got the cream.
He closed his eyes and thought about how sweet it was going to be tomorrow. He was so giddy he laughed out loud as he hopped out of bed and walked to the entertainment center at the foot of the bed.
He still couldn’t believe that she didn’t see the red light. Obviously, not the brightest bulb in the bunch. Doesn’t matter, she was still a good lay.
He smiled as he watched the images on the little LCD screen, her milky white skin and wild blonde hair, the way her mouth smiled as he took her, almost like she enjoyed it.
He shut the video camera and tossed it onto the bed as he headed to the bathroom to take a shower.
He could not wait to show him the video tomorrow. He wanted to see his face crumble as he watched his ‘girlfriend’ having sex with his own brother. Who said revenge wasn’t sweet?

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