A Teetering Pedestal

The day I’d been dying for was here. I’d dreamed of it and tried to imagine what it would be like. I’d even tried bargaining with God for it.

I was on a date with the girl of my dreams.

The text I’ve been thinking about you and I’d really like to go out sometime stayed on my mind. I was so excited that time would play tricks on me, slowing down one moment and flying through the next. It kept me off-balance but I rallied behind my feelings and basked in the moments that I found special: her smile at the bouquet I’d picked up, the contentment of buying dinner for the two of us, the warmth of her hand in mine as we walked along the pier. These are the moments that lives are built from- special memories, boxed, cherished, and saved for all time.

The sky had fallen dark and we were alone in a park. I believed that kisses were special, that they marked new beginnings.

I looked deep in her eyes, and covertly moistened my lips.

Our mouths were two inches apart when she spoke.

“It’s not you, it’s me…”

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