Thru the woods...

I didn’t know what to think. I just knew that now was our time to run, as the two men were screaming and rolling about, trying to put out he flames that had consumed them.
I grabbed my little sister’s hand and together we ran out of the cave and through the forest. I didn’t know where we were going but I knew running was our only hope. So we ran.
We ran until she let go of my hand and fell to the ground.
“No, we need to move!” I quietly shouted at her.
“I just can’t anymore, Sissy.” she breathlessly spoke, her eyes pleading with me for a break.
I looked around and it was quite.
“Fine, 5 minutes but then we have to go, okay?”
Her only response was a thankful grunt.
I watched her as she lay on the ground, eyes closed, panting, her sweaty hair plastered to her sweet face.
Had she really set those men on fire? But how?
I knew now wasn’t the time for answers, right now we had to get to somewhere safe.
“Let’s go.” I urged.
With that she got up, took my hand and together we continued to run to our uncertain future.

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