The Silent Lagoon

There was once a turtle who lived in a silent lagoon. She loved how quiet it was, and liked having it to herself.

One day, a dolphin came to live in the lagoon. He was quite friendly, but he was always clicking and chirping so he could find his way. The turtle put up with the noise because she found she liked him, but one day she asked, “must you make so much noise? I enjoy your company, but I also love the quiet.”

“I’m sorry,” said the dolphin. “I’ll try to make less noise,” but he found he couldn’t get around without his voice. So one day he went away, leaving the turtle a note saying, “I decided to go back, because I know how much you need the silence.”

At first, the turtle enjoyed the quiet again, but soon she found herself lonely. She would start talking to the dolphin, only to find he was gone. Finally, she decided to brave the noise of the ocean to look for him. After years, she found him and told him, “I thought I loved the silent lagoon, but without you there, the silence has been deafening.”

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