Naum naum

I awoke to notice my buddy’s dog walk into the room. Friendly little Labrador he was I was happy to see him stroll in waggling his tail and nudging my arm as he does. I looked at my passed out friends spewed across the other couches in the dark (we had drank the night before) then back at the dog. Barney I think he was called. Something with a B.

I noticed I couldn’t move my arms, or the rest of my body; only my neck and head. And I watched Barney slowly eat my hands as I gasped for air and tried my best to scream for help. I couldn’t do anything but expel muffled ‘hurrrs’ and ‘hrurhaaahs’ as he happily chewed away.

The worst thing was I didn’t wake up until after twenty seconds of hand munching. Barney wasn’t even in the room and my hands were fine. I looked across to the other couches to see if I had woken anyone. My friend was sitting up staring at me.
‘Uh, was I making weird noises?’ I asked.
‘I dreamt Barney was eating my hands.’

Then we went back to sleep.

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