Ne-fairy-ous Deeds

“Come here, Princess,” his voice sent fear and loathing through her shackled body as the guards roughly shoved her forward to stand beside him on the balcony. She gasped in horror at the courtyard scene below.

Two armies, her father’s white fairies, some atop the great white steeds her father cherished above even her, were lined up facing rows of black fairies and their midnight wolves. Behind the white army were two large cages of twigs, each holding one of her royal parents.

“Their wings are clipped, their arms bound with magic ropes, Princess. They will die today, you will marry me and dark fairies will rule!” His angry words were punctuated by a signal. The armies charged, wolves jumping at the throats of the horses, their high whinnying screams filled the air as they fell. The wolves, having tasted blood, did not stop to feast, but continued after the riders and pushed into the foot soldiers. Fairy magic flew like arrows, volleys of sparks rained down. Twin twig cages were no match for the bloody jaws.

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