Peaceful Serenity

She breezes out of her house, closing the door with a soft click behind her. She is careful not to make a sound, she doesn’t want anyone to know where she is. She walks to the black forest bordering her backyard, everything pitch black because the bright moon is hidden behind thick clouds.

The noises of the night surround her and caress every inch of her body. She folds herself into the darkness. Walking silently she listens for sounds she shouldn’t hear, but hears none. Within minutes, she reachs a small clearing and stops. She feels a light breeze pick up, and she smiles to herself as it blows the clouds away. The moon bathes the clearing in its light and the girl lets out a soft, delighted giggle.

Still hidden in the brush, she strips out of her nightgown and hangs it over a tree. Slowly, and delliberatly, she glides out of the brush and into a meadow. A few feet away she can just make out the glistening of the clear pond water. She walks over to it and silently dives in, enjoying her peaceful serenity.

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