Trampoline-Encompassed World

He put his arm around her, everything seemingly completley still. The hustle and bustle of the world seemed far away;cars on the highway provided a droning but strangely comforting backround noise.

The trampoline rocked softly with his movement, everywhere in their small world reacting to his small but significant gesture. He waited for her complaint, some excuse given so many times before by so many different people, but none came. The most beautiful girl in the world instead snuggled up against him in the early evening twilight.

It had been a long road here, the boy’s past pockmarked with a broken family, bad thoughts, and a suicidal contemplation all in the space of two years. But he had made it, he had found that one person he could count on, the one person he loved and who loved him back.

Finally, in his little trampoline-encompassed world, he had found happiness, and he smiled as he listened to her breathing.

Underneath them, the trampoline rocked slightly in the wind.

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