Land of the Northern Flame

They told me not to go, but I had to make certain that what I saw was not just an illusion.

While keeping watch two nights ago on the shores of the Sea of Okhotsk, I could swear that I saw plumes of fire rising up in the far distance. I whispered about it to some of my fellows. Some dismissed me, some feared of the end of the world.

The grip of furthering our exploration toward those distant flames intensified in my mind. I went to Moskvitin to inquire about sailing to the East, but he said that we did not possess the resources to ferry every Cossack across the sea. I asked permission to scout alone, but was denied.

If only it were that easy.

Over the next month, I secreted away some food and other necessities and began constructing a one-person craft. Finally, during my watch when the others were asleep, I set out to heed the eastern call. The waters were treacherous, but I ultimately reached my goal…

Greeted by flame upon the land later called Kamchatka.

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