No, I expect you to die!

Years of planning have finally come to fruition.

The best minds in the world have worked on this project… Some might call it a Doomsday Device, I call it the rebirth of mankind. These minds have now been completely bent to my will and while retaining every ounce of their creativity, their loyalty cannot be questioned.

That furiously fatalistic fop of what they laughingly call a ‘secret agent’ squirms in his cell, yelling all the typical platitudes. “You’ll never get away with this!” “You’ll pay!”, etc, etc. Such a bore.

Others of my kind might be tempted to respond to such provocation with a grand oration, but I’ve just simply had enough and decided to use my admittedly twisted genius to do something about it. The only companionship I require will be the brilliant minds enslaved to my command… and of course my ever-present cat.

With a flourish, I turn to the large red button atop a cylinder of clear glass. I pat the head of my cat, then shift my hand to the pillar.

“Goodbye, World!”

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